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White stripes

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A Body Story #3

"My hair is going grey and thinning out now, but when I was younger I had dark hair. However since I was born, I had this unusual streak of jet white hair in my fringe.

Of course I got some flack for it growing up, got teased about it. I often wished it wasn’t there, that I just had ‘normal’ hair, without this crazy white streak. But then, as an older teenager I began to fully embrace it. I grew my hair long when I was 17, and the white patch became a really positive focal point for my self image, and something I became really proud of - this unusual feature gave me nicknames and an identity. I guess it suddenly (finally!) became cool to look a bit different.

Nowadays it is not so noticeable as I go grey, but there are still a few strands left, to remind me of those glory hair days!

However I still remember vividly the shame I felt when I was much younger as a child for looking different. I’m just glad I got to a point later of loving my physical differences."

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